The Fed Goes Into Reverse – 09.29.2017

September 28, 2017

The inside scoop on the consequences of the Fed’s proposed move to reverse ‘QE’ (quantitative easing – or ‘money-printing’). More on pensions. This is important. Puerto Rico’s increased plight over-and-above bankruptcy (hurricanes). Social and economic dichotomies. The State Department promises more war. Last week’s FOMC meeting. College students’ shocking views on freedom, free speech and the Constitution.


Finding Work Abroad – 09-25-2017

September 24, 2017

Trump addresses the U.N. The Senate throws more money at the warmongers. Rand Paul seeks a vote to repeal Afghanistan and Iraqi war resolutions (unsuccessfully). Finding work in a foreign country. Mexico’s relationship with the United States. No fiscal constraint practiced by anyone in Washington, D.C. Amazon deletes negative comments on H. Clinton’s new book. Why I only seem to talk about “things that can go wrong”. Sex and sleep strongly associated with wellbeing. Former BIS president warns that, “the system is dangerously unanchored”. The Equifax scandal.


The Iconic American Airport – 09.22.2017

September 21, 2017

How the Americans’ independent spirit has been extinguished. U.S. not the highest-taxed nation by a long shot. Trump lifts the debt ceiling. Housing prices. The government loosens banking sector regulation. JPMorgan’s CEO predictably slams bitcoin. The Great American Airport is now home to the Great American Freakout. Trump now totally discredited with his U-turns. U.S. wages flat since 1973. Who will initiate WW3? (No surprises for guessing the right answer!)


Wrongful Convictions – 09.18.2017

September 17, 2017

The entire show is given over to a devastating appraisal of prosecutors’ perfidy. It truly transcends belief.


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U.S., The World’s Laughing Stock – 09.15.2017

September 14, 2017

Stock market report. Hurricane Harvey, a reminder that the U.S. infrastructure is falling apart. Fraudulent sale of opioids by Insys Therapeutics. The Equifax breech: what to do. Government cybercontrol. Hospitals cause addiction through overprescription of pain killers. ECB threatens to withhold your funds at failing banks. Where to expatriate. The world laughs at the United States.


Russian Nonsense Finally Bust Open – 09-11-2017

September 10, 2017

America behaves towards Russia like a bunch of spoilt, overindulged child-bullies who can’t get their way. It is truly cringe-making (if you’re American). Same exact thing to be said for the Americans versus North Korea. What is the matter with your country??? Hurricane Harvey. More on North Korea. More on ICOs. Britain’s economic model is broken.


Crippling Indebtedness – 09.08.2017

September 7, 2017

Consumer debt is at an all-time record. Economic growth is non-existent. Debt will soon overwhelm the system. Ignore the MSM bullishness which grows more strident by the day. Unemployment is far from “good” as the MSM will have you believe. FBI’s Comey drafted his statement exonerating H. Clinton before all the evidence was in, including her own. The history of central banks. The history of health care in the U.S. Trump’s Afghanistan U-turn. YouTube censorship. Why the standard of living has not risen since the 1970s.


Consequences Of The Coming Collapse – 09.04.2017

September 3, 2017

Bitcoin and the blockchain technology are about to be used in many other industries. Reviewing the consequences of the coming collapse, led and orchestrated by the world’s central bankers. The fallout from Hurricane Harvey. A profile of central bankers and what exactly it is that they do. Obama holdovers in various government offices are sabotaging Trump and his agenda. Censorship is alive and well at YouTube.