US & Europe Compared – 09.01.2017

August 31, 2017

Is happiness boring? Find out! The slow and agonizing death of Sears. Nobody is preparing for the next crisis. Negative interest rates explained. China’s plans for the world. President Hillary? President Trump? What’s the difference? USA polarized. Comparing Europe with the U.S. The madness of lending in the auto industry. More on Trump’s appalling U-turns. Russia restless with sanctions. What (not) to do if you win the lottery.


The Deep State – 08.28.2017

August 27, 2017

he neocons have total control of Congress and all areas of government. Trump is surrounded by enemies. He has been well-and-truly sucked into the swamp. A very ugly future awaits us all. The retail industry is on the edge of collapse. The government lied about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2008. Now comes their comeuppance.


Trump: Going Forward – 08-25-17

August 24, 2017

Immense changes in his Cabinet mean corresponding changes in his agenda. The issues from the tragedy in Charlottesville. A word about China. N. Korea, hopefully a wrap on this one. The demonization of Confederate heroes. How the elite, both historically and contemporarily, get that way. More on tipping in restaurants. More on China: the situation is very grim. Denunciation and hypocrisy.


Announcing My New Facebook Page – 08.21.2017

August 20, 2017


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Trump giving full-throated voice to his rhetoric. Civil war commentary by others. Values of the ‘Greatest Generation’. Charlottesville commentary. Flu: the greatest killer. Doctors predominantly prefer single-payer health care. Americans are being lied to about the Russians in WW2. Trump’s relationship to Charlottesville. More on Chicago. Washington Post encourages violence! Ken Rogoff wants to eliminate cash from our lives. Election voting corruption rampant.


1929 Comparisons – 08.18.2017

August 17, 2017

Exactly why the so-called ‘recovery’ is a sham. What the 1929 melt-down can tell us about today. Stock market sucking in its last players. Huge numbers of wealthy people abandoning Chicago. Americans once again taking on record levels of debt. Social Security running out of money, as per its Board of Trustees’ statement. Obesity in America. JCPenney breaks below $5/share for the first time. Near the end. Retrospective on Alan Greenspan.


The Nuclear Question – 08.14.2017

August 13, 2017

Quotes from Nevil Shute’s novel, On The Beach, describing the aftermath of a nuclear attack. The urgency is universally ignored. The coming civil war in America. The psychosis of the Russia hysteria. Nobody actually knows exactly what Robert Mueller is investigating. He probably doesn’t know, himself. Fishing. More on the ghastly shortfall in public pension fund investments. Why productivity has been decreasing since 1970. The background to Britain’s joining the European Community. Last month’s unemployment report. Who are the “Americans Not In The Labor Force”? Dress codes in the U.K.



Bitcoin For Beginners – 08.11.2017

August 11, 2017

This is an extended show, exclusively given over to a complete review of cryptocurrencies, emphasizing bitcoin. To access this, please donate to the show by going to, locating the ‘DONATE’ button on the left and following the instructions. Please note, donations are automatically deducted quarterly from your credit or debit cards until/unless you cancel with me.


‘Washington’ For Beginners

August 6, 2017

Is human progress at an end? Some interesting observations. ‘Washington For Beginners: A Primer”. The short life of Anthony Scaramucci. A police chief awards himself a speeding ticket. The witch hunt for Donald Trump. A general introduction to cryptocurrencies in preparation for Friday’s show. A Bill Bonner special on Scaramucci. U.S. productivity growth turns down.


American Duplicity – 08.04.2017

August 5, 2017

The government tries to distract you from the real horror by pretending to obsess on such nonsense as “Russian meddling”. Don’t allow their duplicity to fool you. Statistics showing how we have passed the point-of-no-return on the journey to economic hell. More debt statistics revealed. The NAFTA duplicitous ruse. Comment on Saudi Arabia. Trump’s duplicity over Iran. A new Wells Fargo scandal. European banks may stop you withdrawing your money. Long-term effects of drinking on young people. John McCain’s foul duplicity.