America Is Insane! – 05.29.2017

May 28, 2017

Americans no longer live in the real world. Everything is a fantasy. Americans’ debt is much more pernicious than the debt they held in 2008. Trump’s plan to slash spending is unworkable. Ditto his budget. The dangers of WiFi in your home. Current inflationary trends. Professor asked to resign by students because he would not agree to white people absenting themselves for a day. Cryptocurrencies, part 2. Jim Kunstler piece. A healthcare anecdote. Trump’s U-turn over Saudi Arabia. This is a shocker!


Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 05.26.2017

May 25, 2017

Atrocities in Venezuela show the suddenness with which a society can turn against itself. America, be warned! The consequences of artificial intelligence. Update on Brexit: the E.U. doesn’t have the leverage it thinks it has! What happens when C&I lending retrenches… Letter from an ‘ordinary person’. Listen to the hopelessness. Doctors: older, not necessarily wiser. Another U-turn from Trump, this time: Iran. Hearken to the fate of Caligula! The demise of religion.


Cryptocurrencies – 05.22.2017

May 22, 2017

The disappearance of the Bill of Rights. ‘Cognitive dissonance’ as pertains to Trump. Cryptocurrencies: what they are, how they’re used and their future. U.S. military bases worldwide. Stock market valuations. Department store-shopping may not be around much longer. Issues from the Civil War. Odds of Trump being impeached: 0.


Greece Update – 05.19.2017

May 18, 2017

The latest crisis and how the Greek people are the losers once again. The crazy case of Snapchat. It’s déjà vu, the late 90s all over again! Trump will not be impeached. U.S. escalating the Afghan war. Thanks, Donnie-boy! U.S. maternal deaths are increasing, in contrast to all other advanced countries. A ‘Single-Payer’ townhall experience. Very interesting and revealing. Violence in Chicago is soaring. “Turn off the damned ‘fasten seatbelts’ sign!” Social security: not what you think. The Deep State is gradually unseating Trump.


The Hideous Injustice Meted Out To Michael Flynn – 05.15.2017

May 14, 2017

Evidence-free testimony against Flynn – and no one comes to his defense. The entire “Russia” story is a sham and a disgrace. But nobody will stand up and be counted. Ugh! Baltimore’s decline. The stock market: a devastating comment. More on the auto loan market. The E.U.: “prisoner of its own-constructed reality”. The E.U.’s future. The dangers of free wi-fi. The crazy case of Snapchat.


This Century So Far Has Been A Flop! – 05.12.2017

May 11, 2017

Debt has exploded and the economy has stagnated. Not a good mix. Americans are still spending beyond their means. Comment on last week’s unemployment figures. Real healthcare reform: not gonna happen for a long time. (It will eventually). The history of happiness. The different modalities of healthcare explained. Amazon’s horrendous overvaluation in the stock market. Trump appears to suffer from hypomania (explained).


Broken Promises – 05.08.2017

May 7, 2017

The propaganda that beguiles Americans into remaining supine when hauled over the coals by their government. How Trump doesn’t stand a chance of prevailing; campaign promises are always and forever a cruel hoax. A word about Homelessness in America is all but illegal! 40% of Americans spend half their income servicing their debts. The nonsense about the ‘repeal’ and ‘replacement’ of Obamacare. Puerto Rico bankrupt.


Economic Disintegration Is Here To Stay – 05.05.2017

May 4, 2017

A wealth of statistics to assure you that my comments are on-the-mark. Speed limits: why accepted wisdom is (as usual!) misplaced. How the concept of ‘happiness’ has changed over the millennia. Deficit spending does not create growth; governments don’t understand this. The homelessness problem. The slowdown in new car sales will hit the economy hard. Thanks to Trump (and Pence) America still stands for war. More from experts on how the economy is losing momentum.