A 4½-Hour Special In Two Parts – 12.30.2016

December 30, 2016

My annual, end-of-year extended show in two parts (almost 4½ hours) . A review of all the year’s events minus the election which will be broadcast on a separate, forthcoming show. Please note that donors receive this show in the normal way. Non-donors are asked for a $100 contribution which can be made by credit card or other means. Please call me or e-mail me to arrange the most convenient method for you.


May I wish you all a very happy and prosperous coming year and a very happy new year 2017!





The Trump Phenomenon – 12.26.2016

December 25, 2016

The social conditions leading to the rise of Trump. The meaning of Christmas stops at the presents! The double standard as applied to the election results. The corporate media have signed on with enthusiasm. The social issues surrounding retirement which are rarely discussed. Letter from a listener about living abroad vs. the U.S. The BlackRock story. Before he leaves office, Obama will sign a bill authorizing over 3,000 pages of new rules, regulations and pet projects! Madness run amok.


Corruption Everywhere – 12.23.2016

December 22, 2016

The Italian banking scandal. Absolute and total financial anarchy in Europe reigns supreme. Start thinking about how you’re going to deal with self-driving cars when you’re still manually driving your own. ‘Social justice’ in Greece is nonexistent. An explanation of why deflation is in our future. This is important to understand. Can Donald Trump turn around a country in the throes of full-scale depression? How taxes work in Sweden. The story of Sweden’s IKEA in the United States. The outrage known as the CIA.


Death Of A Dream – 12.19.2016

December 18, 2016

The ultimate decline of the hopes of a nation, extended over many decades. Manhattan apartment listings growing alarmingly. A final(?) word about the hacking scandal. Hard work is not the key to success. The appetite for debt is back! Misery and happiness are connected and they depend on the quality of relationships. The release of Podesta’s e-mails may be due to a typo! Russia, Russia, Russia! It’s always Russia! But is it? ‘Fake news’ and the mainstream media. Sears is still losing gargantuan sums of money. Once-upon-a-time the United States made amazingly astute financial deals on behalf of its people. No more. 10 jobs that will virtually disappear soon due to automation.


The End Of Internet Freedom – 12.16.2016

December 15, 2016

Trying to understand our immediate future, historical precedent can be extremely illuminative. How search engines decide which entries to give prominence to. “Wealth” as evidenced by inflation of asset prices. The government can now officially crack down on any website on the flimsy pretext of “countering active measures by Russia to exert covert influence” or to “counter foreign disinformation and manipulation”. It’s all over for the Internet. An Icelandic MP who stood up to the FBI and pushed them out of Iceland. “Happy Birthday” was copyright material until six months ago. Propaganda and the media. (Almost) inside information about holiday sales: grim.


The Perfect Storm – 12.12.2016

December 11, 2016

Populism in America. China is not a currency manipulator. City profile: Houston. Stock market comment. Italy’s inability to reform. The culprit: the euro. It is illegal in much of the U.S. to assist the homeless! The U.S. trade deficit widens again. Financial markets heading straight into a perfect storm of central bank failure, bond market carnage, a worldwide recession and a spectacular fiscal bloodbath in Washington. Russia hacking the U.S.? Doesn’t America do exactly the same thing worldwide? Singapore leads the world in education rankings.


Healthcare – Again! – 12.09.16

December 8, 2016

The staggering costs of healthcare in America revealed. Their undue effect on GDP. The state of pensions in the U.S. Taiwan President’s congratulatory call to Donald Trump. Horror of horrors! Is this WW3? (!) The bond meltdown. Some figures explaining why the average American is in no position to feed the consumerist economy. Why is it so hard to change one’s mind? A theory. Sequel to my explanation of how I prepare my shows. The Italian crisis. A discussion between two eminent ‘alternative’ economists. Absurd state salaries in California.


How To Get Work Abroad – 12.05.2016

December 4, 2016

The establishment is desperate to generate inflation. Not gonna happen! Government’s efforts to force wages up will have the opposite effect from that desired. The futility of spending to goose an economy. Brief comment on the latest unemployment figures. The housing rental bubble is bursting. The U.K. has the same economic problems as the U.S. A word on how I prepare my shows. Paul Craig Roberts’s response to being branded a Russian stooge. The war on cash. The ins and outs of obtaining work abroad.


The Russians Are Coming! – 12.02.2016

December 1, 2016

Governments are desperately trying to subvert and discredit those who challenge their lies. This is going to extremes now, with the Washington Post accusing 200 innocent web sites of being stooges for Russia! China’s real estate speculation following in the footsteps of the U.S. before the crash. Singapore’s healthcare system: best in the world – and among the cheapest! The vagaries of household income. Virtually nothing has changed since ‘The Big Short’. The big lie about interest rates and how bad financial decisions are encouraged. The dangers of banking. 50% of New Yorkers are on the financial edge. Manufacturing output is at an all-time high. Manufacturing employment is at a post-industrialization low. What gives? The nightmare of auto easy credit. One-third of European workers have difficulty in making ends meet. Rent or buy: the age-old conundrum.