Yet More Media Lies - 07.01.2016

June 30, 2016

Purported desires for a U.K. referendum do-over complete with 3-3.5 million signatures were a complete sham and a hoax. But the media went along.The whole thing was hokey from the get-go. Washington's stupendously dangerous goading of Russia with troop build-ups on its border. This is monstrously stupid. Trump's challenge to the warmongering neocons is the primary motive for the hatred levelled against him. The erstwhile middle class. An anecdote about graduates leaving college. Piece by Jim Kunstler. The subprime earthquake from the 2000s is about to strike again. No lessons learnt! 


Brexit, YES! - 06.27.2016

June 26, 2016

All about the divorce and the future, the history of the European Union and its prospects. The underhanded tactics used by the British government to force the 'Remain' vote... which the voters saw right through! Decline of the world economy over the last seven years. TTIP (Europe's TPP) probably doomed because of Brexit. Financial raiding of (what remains of) America's middle class.


The Fed Is Not Actually Printing Money – 06.24.2016

June 23, 2016

How the Fed increases the money supply and the ultimate consequence. More grim economic news. Absurd federal regulations. Americans don’t use their vacation time. European Union buffoons at work. More kids living at home than since the Great Depression.. Germany OK’s more quantitative easing to the delight of the ECB. Samantha Power, warmonger extraordinaire. More on tipping. Encouraging people to borrow money to replace what they earn is a policy designed to fail. The absurdity of the Vietnam War. America could have achieved exactly the same ultimate result by… doing nothing!


Some Informational Therapy - 06.20.2016

June 20, 2016

Power in knowledge! Hopefully, you will feel better about the languishing economy when you are in possession of the facts... The U.S. politicians' concerted efforts to threaten Russia (and China) is a very dangerous sign indeed. New, ridiculous efforts by the banks to reinstate subprime borrowing in real estate. Apparently, they will never learn. 10 things that Europe does better than the United States. Education, automation, student-debt-that-will-never-be-paid-off. More problems with student loans.

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A Business Opportunity - 06.17.2016

June 16, 2016
A Business Opportunity
- Can be done anywhere
- No experience, education, expertise or licenses needed
- No outlay of money required (You will need a van)
- No limit to the income-producing potential
- Work your own hours and be your own boss
And no, I'm not selling anything or encouraging you to buy anything!

The Purpose Of Money - 06.13.2016

June 13, 2016

Why we make money and what the problem is today. Ideas on how it will be resolved. More on unemployment and why you must understand the essentials, given that the MSM will not assist you. Tax receipts the best guide to the truth.  Ex B of E governor says the U.S. will renenge on its debts. China, beware! Vacation homes in the same city as primary residences! More on Civil Asset Forfeiture. Why people trust the system.  More on the crisis of Obamacare: major insurers pulling out. Extract from '1984' by George Orwell. Jobs and poverty in America. The Swiss vote down 'free money'. Banks considering holding cash in their vaults to avoid negative interest rates. The new math for residents of Detroit: a proposed test.


Grim Consequences - 06.10.2016

June 9, 2016

35 years of government dereliction to duty - and now the price must be paid. There is no going back. The monthly jobs report in detail. The lies we are told. How U.S. problems infect the rest of the world. Germany cravenly sides with the U.S. in the unjustified aggression against Russia. What the immediate future holds in store for America. Increased desperation among individual Americans. Congress in cahoots with Wall Street.


The Terrible Consequences Of American Aggression - 06.06.2016

June 5, 2016

3 US-based Russians describe the grim threat that America is hurtling towards. System collapse. The ramifications of the ever-growing bubble. Spiralling health care costs for older people. Intelligent money management as a way to reduce taxes. Last Friday's employment report. The plight of introverts in the United States.


Obama’s Economic Lies

June 2, 2016

Notice how he constantly takes credit for "new jobs", a demonstrably false assertion. The prosperity is phony. There are fewer full-time jobs for 25-to-54-year-olds than 16 years ago. The U.S. "chooses" which of N. Korea's absurd claims to believe. Civil unrest in Chicago. Obesity in America. Cost of living overseas. Emigrating to Panama for free. Cameron's Brexit lies. Whistleblower prosecuted and rewarded by the same (U.S.) government! Workaholism. Your window of opportunity to emigrate my be closing...