Crimes and Misdemeanors Explained – 04.01.2016

March 31, 2016

America needs to stop defending Saudi Arabia, thus supporting terrorism. The definitive answer (in my opinion) as to why there have been no criminal prosecutions following the greatest financial crisis of all time. Interview with Jesse Eisinger. Grim unemployment prospects for those in their prime working years. GDP prospects have just collapsed. Credit ratings companies issuing dire warnings. The ever-growing threat of war instigated by a major, dominant power (the United States) against a competing power (China). This is history repeating itself and it is inevitable.


The Retirement Conundrum – 03.28.2016

March 28, 2016

Americans are rightfully angry about trade. The intractable nightmare over retirement. No apparent solution is at hand. This is my first comment in over ten years on this subject. A genuine voter revolt against the establishment and the rich is at hand.  The deathly illiquidity of the western banking system. Profile of the dust-up of a major bank in action. Investors appear finally to be seeing through the stock buy-back trickery. We shall shortly see that reflected in the market. Central bankers know perfectly well that ‘QE’ doesn’t work. A quick stock market recap. Trade deficit/surplus, balanced trade 101.


Corrupt Stock Analyst Practices In The U.S. Stock Market

March 24, 2016

The deadly consequences of negative interest rates. Why stock analysts are always, permanently bullish on stocks. One man’s account of relocating to Cambodia. Business sales fell in January yet again. Corporate America is paying out more cash to shareholders that it earns in profits. $8 trillion has been confiscated from savers in lost interest. The meaning of ‘crony capitalism’.  Stock buybacks are almost entirely responsible for the rise in the stock market. The sense of panic at central banks’ policy failures worldwide is palpable.  Areas where investors are guaranteed to lose money. Borrowing in the U.K. is still surging. Americans feel they are individually exempt from job losses due to robots.


The British Edition: Despair Fatigue – 02.21.2016

March 20, 2016

The concept of learning. The limitations of knowledge from which to derive information to help us with the future. The despair of hopelessness in Britain. Its decline mirrors the U.S. and useless-measure-after-useless-measure tries to stem the rot. The economic decline has no ready explanation. Recent addiction to massive and unprecedented debt has finished the country off. Business sales in the U.S. peaked in 2014. Since then companies, hand-in-hand with government, have tried to paint lipstick on the pig. The horror of painkiller-drug addiction in the U.S. Robobanking is coming to a bank near you. The Danes are once again the happiest people on earth. The U.S. trade deficit worsened again in January. The core belief of the Establishment is that the State should run everything.


Lies From The Wall Street Machine – 03.18.2016

March 17, 2016

A short article from a main-stream hack telling us how wealthy we all are and to shut up and stop complaining! The lies and nonsense fed you by the Wall Street mouthpieces about corporate earnings in particular. An analogy to the dangerous notion that something we all know is untouchable and impregnable, corresponding to the unsinkable nature of the financial system. Chinese emigration to the U.S. – now operating in reverse. Spotlight on the sub-prime auto loan market, The Fed’s “free lunch”. Break-down of the neat order of things and our vain efforts to maintain order among the ensuing chaos. A final comment about ‘happiness’.


Robot-Doctors Are On Their Way – 03.14.2016

March 13, 2016

Another international skills-set survey sees America in bottom place among 18 industrial countries. Debating why the U.S. economy is so sluggish. Credit-card debt at an all-time high. Another word on negative interest rates. China’s shadow banking sector keeping the system alive. Relations between China and the U.S. deteriorating rapidly.  The BIS is always prescient when it comes to forecasting. Hear what they have to say now. Robots are gradually taking over from doctors, especially with regard to diagnosis. The ECB must tolerate continued deflation which it is powerless to stop. The Greek economic crisis: no solution. Don’t make important decisions late-in-the-day! Final comment about the ‘happiness’ piece I did here last week.


The Dual Predicaments Of China And Japan – 03.11.2-16

March 10, 2016

China’s success has been due to seat-of-the-pants trial-and-error and raw, hard work. An extraordinary achievement. But, like over-exuberant children, they don’t know when to stop. Japan has been in a down-turn for over 25 years and it’s going to be devastated by its debt. Problems of the lower-middle class. The failure of the Fed is really quite simple to identify. A quick word on the stock market. Central bankers’ new toy: negative interest rates. Yes (no…?), there’s still no recovery! The absurd ‘growth’ in federal crimes. Mortgages with 3% down? They’re back! Job losses due to the TPP. Brazil’s collapse. Italy also hitting the skids.


The ‘Secret’ To Happiness – 03.07.2016

March 6, 2016

A national banking association recommends holding your money in cash within a bank vault! A 75-year, ongoing study tells us what we need to know about happiness and longevity. Observations on the latest monthly unemployment statistics. Americans’ anger baffles the media. The deception and manipulation of corporate earnings reports explained. Chinese bankers have hopped onto the bandwagon. Home flipping is back. Ongoing declines in exports. How people behave when things start to go bad. Chinese binge-borrowing still in full swing.


Banking 101 – 03.04.2016

March 3, 2016

The entire GDP growth since 2008 is a fraudulent construct. Global trade reported for 2016 to date is a disaster. More bad news for U.S. shale oil producers. The Chicago Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) plunged. Pending home sales sank 2.5%. The Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey has fallen to the lowest reading since 2009. The U.S. corporate default rate has soared to the highest since December, 2010. The ex-head of the Bank of England says the eurozone is ‘a failed experiment’ and that another financial crisis is ‘certain’ to come. The system is losing control of money. More on the War on Cash. Banking 101. All of the economic and geopolitical fundamentals point to a Greater Depression and war.