The China Effect On The World Economy – 02.01.2016

January 31, 2016

Corporate borrowers have borrowed more than ever before. The money has virtually all been blown on Mergers & Acquisitions and stock buybacks. This was a naked attempt to goose the stock market for the benefit of corporate directors’ stock option values. They knew there was no future in investing in growth. Unlike the Fed, they knew that consumers’ simply don’t have the wherewithal to consume. We have reached the ‘Lehman-Moment’. An in-depth analysis of why the current economic demise of China is so grave for the world. Despite strenuous efforts by the main stream media to have you think otherwise, the facts (as usual) speak for themselves. Recent durable goods orders plunged. More police brutality. More Putin-bashing. More evidence that America is chomping at the bit to go to war. The insanity of central bank borrowing.


The Value Of ‘Going Without’ As Well As Of ‘Excess’ – 01.29.2016

January 28, 2016

When the going gets tough, the tough are often inspired to get going. Similarly, great excess leads inexorably to a drastic realignment of values. This also applies to an excess of stress as well as to an absence of it. An objective look at pessimism versus optimism. Home sales figures. An examination of what exactly is meant by ‘an economic depression’. The absurdity of a ‘bloated military’. A police officer who threatened to kill protestors feels his life has been ‘ruined’ by the ensuing backlash. Innocent until proven guilty? Not so much. The neo-Gilded Age, 21st century version…


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Scary U.S. Efforts To Maintain Worldwide Hegemony – 01.25.16

January 24, 2016

Anyone who doesn’t agree with the standard thinking is liable to be labeled a ‘radical’. Likewise, ‘terrorists’ are… whoever ‘they’ decide they are. This trend will get much worse as the U.S. moves inexorably into rabid totalitarianism. I hope you will be out by then! The nightmarish scenario of U.S. geopolitical strategists seems to be coming true: foreign economic independence from U.S. control. Russia and China, in particular, are going their own way. Listen to how the U.S. is trying to twist the arms of the traitorous foreigners into “seeing things their way”. The arguments are hypocritical and the antics are hollow… and full-scale, terminal war will ultimately be the only option available to America. This is all beyond scary.


Growth From Borrowed Money? Er… No! – 01.22.2016

January 21, 2016

Rebound? Recovery? Growth? Sorry, not for a very, very long time. The ghastly Fed experiment with massive lending will take decades to unravel. China’s implosion will not help. Idiotic North Korean claims are rivaled at home with such absurdities as ‘consequence-free debt’, ‘national debt doesn’t matter’, ‘you can print your way to prosperity’. Chairman of the OECD says things are worse than in 2007/8. Quick word about gold. How the MSM tries to spin consumer spending in a positive light. Why the economy is going to be much worse than in 2008. More idiotic quotes by the MSM. Corporate defaults at their highest since 2009.


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The News Just Gets Worse – 01.18.12015

January 17, 2016

A slew of statistics showing major slowing in the economy. These are all readily available to Obama. He was clearly lying in his SOTU address (as opposed to willful ignorance). The Fed is powerless to arrest the gathering winds of deflation. The effect on the economy of falling oil prices. Grim news from the Empire State Manufacturing Index. Personal experiences with life overseas as an ex-pat. Advantages for Americans. How to  make money. A novel idea about where to live – (you REALLY DID hear it here first!)  The principle of scarcity as it relates to trade. The (il)logic of indebtedness. The vocabulary of debt. The difference between indebtedness and slavery (not much).


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Come Along Now, Children. Time For SOTU! - 01.15.2016

January 14, 2016

The embarrassingly absurd ritual of idiotic lawmakers pretending to cheerlead a dunce. You figure it out – along with all the pathetically easy-to-verify lies that go with his speech. The stock market: a main stream prediction of a 75% decline (unprecedented to my knowledge). Bond funds falling into bankruptcy. 45 million poverty-stricken Americans apparently don’t matter to presidential debate moderators who have asked not one single question about it to the candidates. More on why it is essential to consider taking your money out of the banks. Americans’ attitudes to living abroad (contempt). How you are told what to think. Why Britain needs to opt out of the European Union.



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Assets, Liabilities, Net Worth – 01.11.2016

January 10, 2016

A brief recap of these terms and how they apply to central banks’ monumental indebtedness. Monthly unemployment stats comment. How governments will deal with the coming financial implosion. What’s next in the stock market. Societies which fail to pay their debts always collapse. A society with no savings cannot progress. Unemployment prediction. The consequences of weakness in manufacturing and energy. Downsides of a cashless society. The consequences of such massive central bank balance sheet expansion. The collapsing California (Inland Empire) PMI.



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Bernanke’s Follies – 01.08.2016

January 7, 2016

As a prime worshipper of MONEY and the value of MONEY to solve all problems, Bernanke made the fatal error of assuming there was not enough MONEY to slay the Great Depression. His mad scheme has brought us all to the brink. Let’s hope the guilt doesn’t disturb his shaving habits! The world will pay dearly for this man’s obsession with MONEY. More on the complacency still felt by everyone who still believes that the government will save them. China’s debt. An even bigger police state awaits. The cause of the stock market collapse. Ridiculous examples of government frivolous spending. Anger in America today. The replacement for the American Dream. Construction spending collapses. Parents told to rat on their children in the U.K. More 2015 outrages.

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2016 Theme: Getting Out Of The Banks – 01.04.16

January 3, 2016

The concept of bail-ins which will gather strength as the Depression unfolds. An account of the hazards. Complacency with regard to the financial crisis. The USA seen by Russia as  a threat to their national security for the first time. Some unjust convictions from 2015 which belonged in my report on Friday. Why 2016 will be easier to predict than 2015. The most likely scenario for the collapse of the stock market. Huge contraction in economic activity in the Midwest. Sweden leads the way into a cashless society. More evidence that the ‘recovery’ isn’t working. The demise and extinction of American pensions. Meanwhile, CEOs earn 300 times the amount of the average worker.

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