2015 Year In Review (4 Hours) New Year’s Day, 2016

December 31, 2015

My annual take on markets, economies, social happenings and general commentary for your listening pleasure!


May I wish you all a Happy New Year and a successful and fulfilling 2016.


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Statistical Recap Of 2015 – 12.28.15

December 27, 2015

A reminder of how very grim the situation is in the U.S., despite the main stream media’s best efforts to withhold it from you. The ‘No-Fly’ list is totally arbitrary. The U.S. government: is broke and willfully getting broker… There is, realistically, absolutely no difference in essence between the Republicans and Democrats. Yahoo as an indication of the health of the country as a whole. Riding high in the 1990s, Yahoo is now a shadow of its former self. Hubris and arrogance brought it down. And still, just like the United States itself, it doesn’t understand the peril it’s succumbing to. Why the rich get richer and nobody else does. A word on global imbalances. The future of work. The imminent take-over of mainstream, unpopular political parties in Europe.


America’s Police State: What If It Were Home To Jesus’s Birth? – Christmas Day, 2015

December 24, 2015

I discuss the frightening way in which the police have adopted the stance that they are, in effect, above the law. How things would look for Jesus and his family if he were to be born into America’s nightmarish society today. Not a piece of cake!  Warmongering presidential candidates have their say. Britain clearly on the road to ruin. The monumental rise in America’s debt since 2009. A polling trick played on 532 Americans proves that the country overwhelmingly and unthinkingly supports ‘war’.  The transportation sector of the economy is limping along badly – a grim omen for the rest of the economy. Banning innocent people from owning guns. The insanity of America’s new-car market.


America’s Tradition Of Violence And Inhumanity Adopted By ISIS -12.21.15

December 20, 2015

Janet Yellen's 15 minutes of glory, praised for increasing the interest rate by 25 basis points (1/4 of 1 per cent). The Fed is utterly ignorant and mindless. They truly have no idea what they're doing. Which isn't surprising because nothing they do works anyway!  CISA (a kind of second Patriot Act) last week was pushed through as part of an unrelated bill so that nobody would notice and submit it for discussion. The rise in asset prices = debt accumulation, nothing more, nothing less. Toxic influences behind our decision-making. Some interesting experiments. Americans are destroying themselves with the help of politicians. The Services PMI index is falling sharply, a terrible omen for a country reliant for its growth on the service industry. Quick comment on unemployment. The tradition of American brutality goes back to at least 1636, at least as gross as that of ISIS. IMF breaks its rules to favor Ukraine against Russia. A first for the IMF. Manufacturing continues to collapse. The story of a police chief drunk on the job... exonerated after a hit-and-run collision.


You Will Be Able To Say You Foresaw The Coming Armageddon! – 12.18.15

December 17, 2015

Congratulations! You listened to the Wake-Up Call and you were prepared…  November’s industrial production drop the biggest in over three years. We’ve all been living the lie, even if we don’t know it. The problems in Europe. Lessons from military history and the perfidious nature of America’s international policies which are leading inexorably to WW3. The central bank lending mania worldwide started with the odious Greensplotch. Proof that the price of barley has not changed for 23 centuries. Central banks cannot generate any more credit.


Officialdom Is Out Of Ideas. You Are On Your Own - 12.14.15

December 14, 2015

The ultimate Wake-Up Call. The economy is dead-in-the-water. There are no emergency solutions left that have not been tried. Interest rates are already at rock-bottom. Trillions of dollars in QE have already been spent. Banks have made all the loans they are willing to extend. There is no more available collateral. Household wealth fell the most in 4 years. The middle class is dying. There is no reliable yardstick to measure economic activity. GDP is worse than useless. It is misleading. Good news for grumpy women. Why is Obama withholding his knowledge of the ISIS oil shipments through Turkey? Obamacare is now on life support. Rampant corruption in the U.S.A. Stock market comment.


Girls’ Versus Boys’ Aptitudes In School - 12.11.15

December 10, 2015

More on the coming use of driverless cars. More on the shrinking world of shopping malls. The current grim economic situation in Brazil. How flat-broke governments lash out at the citizenry historically. How girls and boys differ scholastically and how things have changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Monetary policy and the lunatic views of the likes of Larry Summers. Information about the plight of millennials to dovetail with the 'Weekend Reading'.


How About Sex In Driverless Cars? – 12.07.15

December 6, 2015

Am I the first to talk this up? Will I be immortalized with a mention every time someone (or sometwo) carries out the dastardly deed? “Let’s do a Martin, shall we?” Some ideas to consider… Why QE4 is not going to happen. Is rudeness contagious? Studies seem to indicate that it is. Perception of risk in the financial system. Turkey lying about downing the Russian jet and America’s tacit support. Obama’s connivance. Who was really behind the Paris attacks? More on Turkey’s support of ISIS.


President Barack Obama: An Appraisal – 12.04.15

December 3, 2015

My first detailed comment about Obama on the Wake-Up Call. The LaQuan McDonald shooting over a year ago. Getting to the point. Street-talk from a Washington, D.C. real estate agent. A rare opportunity to hear some home-truths from a seasoned pro who sees trouble ahead. Americans’ view of Obamacare. European banks sitting on $1 trillion of bad debts:5% of total loans. A very grim picture.