Let’s All Go Shopping For Christmas! – 11.30.15

November 30, 2015

Spending is slated to be well above that of last year. Indebtedness be damned! ‘Sacrificing ourselves’ to make other people happy. How noble is the human condition! All economic data point to a recession. Listen to the copious details. Discrete warnings of the advanced sophistication of Russian weaponry. It seems that the richer we become, the harder it is to live within our means. The value of stress. Consumer confidence at the lowest level in a year. The demise of the American mall. After all the adverse publicity you have to wonder why Americans continue to allow big business and the banks to dominate their lives. Putting up walls: East Germany in the 1960 vs. America today. My new concentration on ISIS.


Price Versus Value – 11.27.15

November 26, 2015

A study of that which constitutes real value. What makes us derive pleasure from physical assets? Is it all comparative? Interesting studies have considered this question and you will hear about some of them. How does all this feed into our quest for happiness? Do consumer products corrode the soul? Or do they add value to our lives? To afford a specific product, we must put in about twice as much time on the job as would have been needed 40 years ago. What life has been like for migrants to the U.S. over the last 100 years. Not what you may think. Police theft of innocent people’s assets: a shocking revelation. Only half of African-American youths  expect to live to 35.


Nuclear Apocalypse Is More Likely Than Zombies – 11.23.15

November 22, 2015

Description of a somewhat unusual ‘press event’ by Rupert Goodwins. Dedicated to Rob. Also, last week I forgot to refer people to my recent show describing an eye-witness account of the Nagasaki atomic bomb. Useful information packaged in a more light-hearted vein. Month 83 of ZIRP and still no economic recovery on Main Street. Examples of government corruption and incompetence. The U.S. is being helped to ‘save face’ by allowing it to detach gently from its erstwhile position of power. So far, the U.S. has ignored the outstretched hand. More than half of Americans, 53%, say they ‘feel like a stranger’ in their own country. Auto loans are so pervasive that catastrophe is assured a la housing crisis ten years ago. The retail sales collapse. Obamacare has entered a death spiral. Preview of the landscape prior to the coming economic and financial crash.


ISIS: The Creature Spawned By The United States – 11.20.15

November 20, 2015

I present a very detailed background to the current horror of ISIS. No holds barred. You will NOT get any of this from the mainstream media. No sappy commentaries from me. Just the plain facts, ma’am, including the evil antics of the United States of America, spotlit in all their hideous details. Where will the taxes come from to replace the millions upon millions of workers laid off through automation and robotics? Nearly half of all students on loans don’t graduate. Refugee immigration to the U.S.? Look what happened in 1938. Interesting points raised by a listener’s letter.


The World Of Infinite Credit – 11.16.15

November 15, 2015

The black hole into which we have all stepped is the result of unthinkable amounts of credit bestowed upon us by mad governments. The extent of irresponsibility involved is monumental. There is no way out and the music is about to stop. Latest horrendously bad economic news. Creep Du Jour: Larry Summers (as seen by Bill Bonner). A word on gold. The Paris terrorist attacks. Solvency of the U.S. government in question. The Fed’s zero interest-rate policy has spawned a grave U.S. debt bomb. The terrible consequences of allowing the TPP to pass.


The Precipitous Decline Of Freedom In The United States – 11.13.15

November 12, 2015

Comparative statistics pertaining to freedom in several countries. America is excruciatingly far down the list. Several studies all confirm this. Growth of government is unmistakably concomitant with reduced freedom. There has, in fact, been little economic progress since the 1960s. Some interesting factoids. Condemnation of the banking system from an unexpected source. Why the rising dollar is so detrimental to emerging markets. Debt – which is still increasing –  is the reason economies cannot grow: too much precious money is spent on servicing the increasing debt load. The ugliness of that monster, Henry Kissinger. What a fiendishly hideous individual!  More information on ‘happiness’.


Government Accounting Tricks Explained – 11.09.15

November 8, 2015

Principal players: the government apparatchiks. Motive: to keep the masses sedated and confused. Supporting Cast: The mainstream media. Sickening. U.S. manufacturing trade deficit hit a record in September. Quick word on last Friday’s unemployment report. Quick word on the debt ceiling. Comment on U.S. social insurance programs. Idle thoughts on what would happen if only those with an IQ of 135 and above were allowed to vote. An interesting survey. More on child poverty in the United States. More unmistakable evidence that the world is in a recession. Hiring in the private sector continues to fall. The world situation today prior to an expected collapse. Obamacare’s horrific premium increases slated for next year. More bad news within the international shipping industry.


Another Devastating TPP Article From Malaysia – 11.06.15

November 5, 2015

The issues are identical to those affecting Americans in the U.S. Why can’t American journalists write articles like this? About half of all surgeries in the United States involve some kind of medication error or unintended side effects. More Hitlery (Clinton) scandalous behavior. Hollywood’s relationship to money in its movies. Lots of examples of how money and wealth are treated in movies. Illinois is confiscating lottery winnings. The stupefying rise in price of a few stocks since the 1990s. Nearly half of the Obamacare insurance plans have announced they are closing. The incidence of obesity in America is at its highest ever. More evidence of a slowing economy in China.


Overwhelming Interest Costs Are Killing Corporate America – 11.02.15

November 1, 2015

Interest on high-grade debt increased 4% in Q2, risks are increasing, the interest coverage ratio is the lowest since 2009. There is now a record amount of debt generating a record amount of interest expense, almost all of which has been plowed into massive share repurchases simply designed to prop up the company’s stock. So where does the money come from to pay the interest? This is an American corporate horror story of unparalleled proportions. Clinton’s pathetic efforts at restoring her credibility at last week’s Congressional testimony. Obama breaks his promise of ‘no boots on the ground’ in Syria. ‘Trenton makes, the world takes’: no more. Substitute ‘China’. Tony Blair ‘apologizes’. Yeah, right! A word on ‘comparisons’. The rise of the personal storage industry to accommodate America’s addiction to hoarding. The rise of the dollar stores.

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