The TPP, Viewed From Afar – 10.30.15

October 29, 2015

A Malaysian take. A most ‘fringe-like’ aspect of the TPP in a major MSM newspaper. Very critical and very refreshing.  American ‘exceptionalism’ growing stronger. But maybe the country’s not quite so exceptional in certain areas… The stupid debt ceiling games. Severely reduced net worth in the U.S. Millennials are finding it harder than ever to get work. 14th anniversary of the Patriot Act. It has spawned a police state in the ‘Land of the Free’. General complacency exists about everything. People who renounce U.S. citizenship: their numbers are growing. More grim economic statistics. 



Looking In The Mirror – 10.26.15

October 25, 2015

Personal reasons for why Americans are in such bad financial and economic shape. Lots of sobering statistics. A lack of discipline, the inability to delay gratification, the failure to understand basic mathematical concepts, materialistic envy, absence of critical thinking skills and a delusional view of the world are the major elements which have left the majority of Americans broke and in debt. An interview with Rick Ackerman (repeat), Profile of the last stage of life of an American household name. A quick history of credit in the U.S.


Comparing America Today With Nazi Germany – 10.23.15

October 22, 2015

Similarities include: socialism, out-of-control tax rates, generous freebies, militarization, population surveillance, invasion of foreign countries, etc. Colorado’s biggest heath insurer is already bankrupt. Donald Trump predicted a 9/11-style event in 2000. Stock market warning (yes, sorry, again!) Hardships suffered by Mexican families since NAFTA began. The prisoner hell-hole, “Homan Square” in Chicago. U.S. banks now charging to hold your deposits. More grim economic news. America’s central bank and its forebears. Will the current one suffer the same fate? (Hope so!)


An Economics Update – 10.19.15

October 18, 2015

The case of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. A horrendously ugly picture, the worst stock decline in 27 years. The retail sector in general is hitting the skids. Red flags are going up everywhere. They are STILL talking about an economic recovery! The propaganda machine never lets up. The views of Rick Ackerman. (Interview available through subscriber e-mails). He thinks an imminent melt-down is a ‘sure thing’. The fate of highly-leveraged balance sheets. Many Fed assets have no value. Consumers continue to lack purchasing power. Bill Bonner roasting Martin Wolf (Financial Times journalist). Government recruitment (always the ‘leftovers’).Why do the participating countries want the TPP so badly? Corporate earnings and their relationship to the stock market (nil). Why the U.S. government is insolvent.


It Is Time To Go – 10.16.15

October 15, 2015

A fairly detailed account of what the U.S. is doing in the Middle East, China and Ukraine to bring itself perilously close to nuclear attack. This is so blatant, one feels it must be deliberate. Is this the “death-wish” I’ve talked about so frequently? In any case, it is fearfully dangerous and now calls for those who are gifted with a heightened state of awareness – and everyone else – to leave the country. (Is that why gold was ‘limit-up’ yesterday?) What are the motives for the 12 countries being so enthusiastic about the TPP? A short follow-up comment on the subject of tipping. Deutsche Bank’s huge loss. The drop in the labor force. China’s new banking network. Bogus for-profit colleges still receiving tens of millions of dollars each month from the government. Bank robbers who posted pictures of their robbery on-line. Nice! Book recommendation. The horrific police murder of a suspect in jail (with video evidence).


The TPP: They Won! – 10.12.15

October 11, 2015

Passed and approved by all12 signatory countries, this execrable bill has now only to be ratified by the respective countries’ parliaments. A new chapter from the ultra-secret text has just been unveiled by Wikileaks, confirming our worst fears about loss of intellectual freedom. Some predictions about what will happen when the debt mountain collapses. Looking at the Great Depression “soup lines” of today: the food stamp recipients. 61,000 bridges in the U.S. in desperate need of upgrading. America’s infrastructure is crumbling and there is no money to fix it. Loans at Greek banks cannot possibly be serviced. A word about innovation.


Emerging Nations In Dire Straits – 10.09.15

October 8, 2015

More money is now flowing out of the emerging markets than flowing in. This is a recipe for worldwide disaster. There are five times as many claims for U.S. dollars as there are dollars in existence. When you add leverage to the problem, you can see what a dreadful downturn must be expected as all the overindebted assets get furiously sold off to generate the ‘real money’ that can be had once the debts are paid off. There won’t be much (if any) left. Mass bankruptcies and defaults to come. Last month’s unemployment report. Slumping factory orders indicate a struggling economy ahead. The California drought. Advice for those who have reached an impasse in their professional lives. The imminent demise of the TTIP (and, hopefully, the TTP). Building relationships: because of or despite the social media? Choosy beggars. ISM declining economic statistics. Networking.


The Demise Of Glencore – 10-05-15

October 4, 2015

The Lehman warning. The consequences of Glencore’s demise. Derivatives may play a major role. The Fed is out of bullets. This is not 2008. It’s much worse. The consequences of the collapse in commodity prices. The deflationary spiral in full tilt. The interplay of generations and how the depression will affect each demographic. There are no solutions. Crony capitalism must be replaced with true capitalism. Risk and its application to investing. More on the housing peak. Secession and dissolution within the United States. Reality or fiction?


China – 10.02.15

October 1, 2015

A close look at how and why China is falling apart. Absurd restrictions on stock market activity and commentary! China is not new to wacky plans driven by top-down authoritarianism a la Mao. Remember the sparrows scandal? Jefferson was already criticizing debt in 1816! What will happen this time? Default? Confiscation? Capital controls? All the warnings are there. A quick overview of what happened in other countries. The Echo Housing Bubble is now rolling over and popping. We face a repeat of 2006… but much worse. And there won’t be a third chance to get out. Let’s compare Volkswagen with Fannie Mae, shall we? Prepare for a nasty surprise…