It’s Not Just Me… - 09.28.15

September 27, 2015

A rogue ex-IMF senior economist of 20 years’ standing broke ranks and turned into an IMF critic. His comments are scathing. They simply confirm what I’ve said all along and give the lie to those who see convoluted conspiracy theories to their pronouncements. The BIS also wades in with some interesting comments. A focused assessment of blame surrounding the monumental mistakes that have been made since Greenspan’s horrific reign. The system is too rotten to be saved at this point. A total reset is in our future. New insights on the mating game. Some statistics that may surprise you. A BBC survey about expats’ preferences and also one from HSBC. Noam Chomsky on why he believes the U.S. poses the greatest threat to world peace. A new Gallup poll discusses peoples’ relationship with their government.  It is clear that serious unrest is about to overtake America.


Freedom – 09.25.15

September 24, 2015

An enquiry into what constitutes freedom using various definitions. Some surprising conclusions. The history of freedom. More on the plight of the younger generation. Explanation as to how the Federal Reserve/government can go broke. Article from James Kunstler: “Fed Cred Dead”. The government just renewed the “State of Emergency” declared in the aftermath of 9/11 for the 14th time! So we must remain in a state of permanent, endless war, right? Why the dollar will not collapse. Nearly every western government is totally bankrupt. The U.S. is increasingly seen as a rogue superpower, the gravest threat to world peace. The total number of Americans living in poverty is 46.7 million.


U.S. To Target Dissenters – 09.21.15

September 20, 2015

Serious moves are underfoot to curtail or eliminate your right to criticize or even discuss your government’s antics. My talk today is exclusively centered on how agents of the Powers-That-Be have twisted and contorted historical parallels to justify muzzling your efforts at communication. Sections of the TPP also obliquely address this, another reason it must not be allowed to pass into law. We examine examples of outrageous and unwarranted rhetoric from the Civil War and World War 2, precedents which have never been repudiated, to show how easily the goons will be able to co-opt history into their pronouncements against your freedom of expression. You need to understand this profoundly, in order to perceive the dangers and take proactive steps accordingly.


All Our Problems Are Getting Worse – 09.18.15

September 17, 2015

An updated litany of trouble with accompanying statistics. The absurd obsession wih Yellen and her interest rate is a deliberately orchestrated diversion. Renewed weakness in the Empire State Manufacturing Index. Another bust myth (housing crisis). WTO data indicate grim rate of growth. Imaginary Yellen conversation. Creation of a profitable shorting scenario. The sad case of Finland.


It’s Expensive To Be Poor In America – 09.14.15

September 13, 2015

The advantages of money orders vs checks. Both are expensive. Financial service charges are the main culprit. Banks limit ATM withdrawals so as to garner more fees. Bargains are rare for the poor. The story of the American banker and the Mexican fisherman. Peering into the future using distress and cycles to help along the way. The Justice Department has just tacitly admitted that failure to prosecute senior bankers did not achieve the desired effect. Fed policy has simply brought forward future sales. It has not created more of them. The folly of real estate investment. Custody of animals in divorce cases, more tricky than you might think. A brief comment on America and the world.  Brief look at the grim future of American manufacturing and transportation.


A Cautionary Tale – 09-11-15

September 11, 2015

The story of a theory propounded in the early 20th century which had backing from the highest and most prestigious sources… and caused untold mischief and misery and death. It is now almost never spoken of. A brief recap of the unemployment figures recently released: an addendum to what I spoke about in Monday’s show. The collapse of import and export prices. A few words about the current refugee crisis. The forward-moving central bank money printing spree hurtles the world towards catastrophe. Spain’s upcoming independence election in Catalunia. A summary of Greece’s future. The imminent unwind of the global government finance bubble.


Comparative, Statistical Decline Of The U.S.A. – 09.07.2015

September 6, 2015

B.L.S. (Bureau of Lies and Scams) monthly unemployment figures – a total sham. A detailed explanation follows. E-book recommendation: Decline of the U.S.A. by Edward Fullbrook compares the U.S. to 29 other countries in the OECD. This makes horrific reading. “Ultrapoor” Americans living on less than $2 a day have doubled since 1996. NY is in the grip of a homeless epidemic. Debt, as seen through the eyes of different generations. More police outrage. Advice to young people re debt and looking abroad for a less expensive university education. More words on ‘The War Party’.


The American Middle Class Has Never Existed – 09.04.2015

September 3, 2015

The poorer classes have simply disguised membership in a “Middle Class” through the extension of credit. When that credit has been taken away or halted (as now) the basic condition of the American poor has simply reverted to the norm. This is an unavoidable process. The vaunted, post-war wealth of the 1950s was only made possible through credit. As soon as that dried up, “middle-class” standards reversed. This explains the perceived wealth of the 1920s, ephemeral as it proved to be. The Big Mac Index – and another measure of economic valuation never before proposed! The melt-down of China and the growing risks to the banks. Why wealth and prosperity are not about to return. Censorship in China – and in the United States…