Civil Breakdown In The U.S. – 06.01.15

May 31, 2015

The current state-of-play in Baltimore. Reality on both sides. As economic conditions deteriorate, American cities will descend into anarchy. As the economy was just reported to have shrunk at an annual rate of 0.7%. the government has announced that it will be changing the way it calculates GDP (to get the results they want!) In reality, the U.S. has been in recession since 2005. The accident of birth dictates our lives until or unless we take charge and reverse the situation. Very few people do. You are hereby invited to do so! Immediate ramifications of a Greek default. Individual state budgets are struggling everywhere to be balanced, as required by law. A recent study shows that overwhelmingly people do not believe that government represents them. Beware of statistics that show real estate making financial gains. They are likely to be deceptive. The ongoing effects of self-driving technology on entire communities. The situation is dire. The U.S. is seriously ramping up aggression towards China. Ashton Carter, the new, war-hungry Secretary of Defense is possibly the most dangerous man alive.


An Easy-To-Understand Appreciation Of Economic Decline – 05.29.15

May 28, 2015

Personal comment on the meaning of Memorial Day today. Listen to Bill Still talking some more about the TPP. Destination Penang! A description of the hotel. The relative importance of people’s height in assessing various aspects of their future. Home sales sharply down in April. The Kansas Cty Fed reports deeply negative readings for April in all sectors. A simple explanation of how and why the monetary system is failing. The Federal Reserve is virtually insolvent. It has exhausted its margin of safety. The system is simply not safe. The thin veneer of civilization that comprises the United States is beginning to disappear with chaos and anarchy beginning to show up in cities across the nation. The background to economic decline presented in an easy-to-understand format.


Destination Penang August 23-28 2015 – 5.25.15

May 24, 2015

This is a seminar intended to encourage you to consider Penang as a venue for emigration as indicated in Richard’s shows. His wife is the President of the International Women’s Association of Penang which will be sponsoring a 6-day seminar complete with information of use to both active workers and also retirees.




The TPP: America’s Last Hope At Worldwide Hegemony – 5.22.15

May 21, 2015

Obama openly admits trying to prevent China’s ascendancy. The U.S. is clearly looking for domination and submission in Asia. If-and-when the Americans are not successful, we are looking at devastating war. The TPP has nothing to do with the interests of the American people. A ‘cleared liaison’ and tremendously qualified ex-commissioner, Michael Wessel, gives a damning indictment of the TPP. How employment is affected by tasks and function that we do ourselves: Internet banking, self-checkout at stores, printing our own boarding passes, etc. Those jobs are disappearing. This is a huge drain on employment. New escalation of tensions between China and the U.S. Bankruptcies are soaring again nationwide. China has overtaken Mexico as the top importer of immigrants to the United States. Western countries snub Russia at its celebrations of ‘V Day’ over Nazi Germany despite the fact that Russia accounted for nearly 80% of all allied war casualties.


The Economic Collapse Has Begun – 05.18.15

May 17, 2015

First quarter estimates are grim – up 0.2% but almost certain to be revised down into negative territory. Plenty of statistics in support of this. The consumer simply has no money nor access to any. An interview with a supporter of the TPP and his ridiculous, nonsensical arguments. The imminent economic demise of Chicago and direct comparisons with Detroit. One of the chief gauges of the economy (which cannot lie) is rates for intermodal containers by rail. Rates are falling hard. Greece moving ever-closer to default. The U.S. slammed over its rights record at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council. Lack of infrastructural improvements. Stock market comment. The insolvency of the FDIC. More on what they are not telling you about unemployment.


How The Sinking System Stays Afloat – 05.15.15

May 14, 2015

The process is identical in all major countries: when they can’t satisfy the populace with bona fide manufacturing jobs, governments try to fob their citizens off with “loans” and “entitlements” which are never paid for but created with money from thin air. Several examples of how this has enabled spastic companies to remain alive – albeit dying a slow death. The same is now true of entire nations, including the U.S. The latest on the TPP Fast-Track rejection by the Senate on Tuesday. The current depression compared with that of the 1930s. Tip: how to get your student loan debt “forgiven”. (A Wake-up Call special bonus!) The example of Ancient Rome shows how futile it is to hope you can ‘change’ your government. Greece pays its most recent loan payment from money it has already paid out! Look, Ma, no hands! Fine art prices hitting all-time records: another nail in the coffin of the bubbles. A lengthy discussion of sound banking as set off against what we have today.


They’re Coming For Your Cash! – 05.11.15

May 10, 2015

The anticipated rebound is simply not happening. Business activity has risen at a slower pace than expected. The powers-that-be are beginning to panic. This phenomenon is not confined to the United States. Monetary velocity has declined alarmingly. The cost for banks to borrow from each other went negative in euros for the first time ever. I describe what they are planning should there be any hint of a global run on the banking system. You’d do well to listen… Augustin Carstens is a governor of the Bank Of Mexico and he recently gave a speech outlining some of the potential horrors we talk about here on the show. He has ‘gone rogue’. His alarming thoughts are reflected here. A few words on the war-like spirit of America and how dangerous it is becoming to continue to live there. A quick comment on last Friday’s unemployment numbers. The scandal of Apple never having paid any taxes in the U.S. The health of Hispanics born in the U.S. as opposed to those who emigrate to the U.S. No prizes for guessing which demographic is the healthier… Chances in life in the U.S. are not entirely education-based. Other factors play a part.


The Mortgage Horror Is Back: No Lessons Learned 05.08.15

May 7, 2015

The deformation of the original intent behind the creation of the FHA. Mortgages again being handed out to all-and-sundry, giving rise to a new series of scandals and outrages to be resolved over the next ten years. I cite some real-life examples. And the Fed is almost totally to blame. A new study of how robots will shortly eliminate human jobs. The predictions are very dire. Fanciful stories which used to be perceived wisdom: an example from Greek mythology. Bankruptcies rising vertiginously again, reaching a five-year high. Australia proposes to tax money in bank accounts! Publishing falling unemployment numbers while out-of-labor-force data rise to a record 93 million working-age Americans is an insult to your intelligence. One wonders how Bernanke will handle having his Great Depression theories exposed for the tripe they are, as the economy ignores his solutions and continues to degenerate.


Yet More Statistics Indicating A Collapsing Economy – 05-04-15

May 5, 2015

Bill Still reports on the TPP ( Trans Pacific Partnership). Things have come to a pretty pass when members of Congress have to beg to be allowed to see the text of legislation that they’re being asked to ‘fast-track’! (‘Cause it’s secret, you see). More statistics to indicate the immense fragility of the economy. The ‘recovery’ argument is getting thinner and thinner by the day. As of 03/23/10 you cannot ‘disappear’ anymore, even if you want to. I explain why. Consumers are now spent-out. They are not ‘saving’. They are ‘surviving’. Only the stock market has yet to get the message. Economists have not the slightest idea what is going on. More news on Greece. The difference between graduating from college in 1986 and now. Very sobering. Economic fundamentals are virtually made up The entire system is based on lies, fabricated reality perception management, public relations BS and fraud. Guess The Charity! A brand-new country has just been born! Check it out.