The Media Is Well-And-Truly Your Enemy – 05.01.15

April 30, 2015

Blind optimism, a characteristic particular to Americans, is encouraged brazenly by the main stream media. The entire forces of the media conspire to force people to spend money (they don’t have) instead of saving. Just another example of where the media is your enemy and the friend of business and finance. They are simply doing the bidding of their bosses. Americans are not ‘saving’. They have no money to save. They are paying down debts! Where the media cannot persuade, they lie. Americans need to understand that ‘positive thinking’ is a trap. It taps into the thinking of the addict, the drug-of-choice being ‘hopium’. We examine the case of Mc Donald’s. Americans are far worse off than they know. I talk about ‘rehypothecation’, a concept that may be unfamiliar to you but that bears examining. It involves gold! Tesla’s absurd market valuation exposed.


The Current, Fraudulent Way In Which Money Is Put Into Circulation – 04.27.15

April 26, 2015

A quick recap of the current, global economic statistics. (They are all deteriorating). I use a simple analogy to provide clarity over how  and why money is created.  Greece: the endgame. The student debt crisis: the case of “adjunct professors” frequently receiving some form of government assistance. The unwinding of 50 years-worth of economic prosperity fueled by globalization and easy credit. The consequences will be unthinkable. Stock market comment. The latest James Kunstler offering, showing why it is so imperative to leave the United States for safer refuge. Massive capital outflows from developing economies.


The Unemployment Lies Unravelled For You – 04.24.15

April 23, 2015

It is easier for most people to believe the government and media reports about economic improvement. It is only a small minority who want to know the unvarnished truth. Lots of statistics for you, showing how the lies get created and why they are unbelievable. Greater and greater official efforts to control you and your access to knowledge are being put in place. Why the 2008 crash was but a warm-up to the ‘real thing’ which is the undoing of sovereign governments themselves.  The nonsense about American business being ‘healthier than ever before’ exposed. The difference between a business-cycle recession and what we have now: the end of a debt supercycle. We are looking at expanding debt and collapsing growth, a fatal mixture. A look at the problem of growth and where it comes from. The plight of homelessness among American children.


A Final Word On Derivatives Before The Implosion – 04.20.15

April 19, 2015

Warning! This will be a tough one. You need all your wits about you because this is complicated. But I’ve done my best to keep it as simple as possible. I start by explaining what derivatives are and then try to show how their unraveling will be responsible for the coming collapse. If you don’t understand, write in and explain the problem and I’ll try again on Friday. It really is important to grasp this. The media will simply not go there because the story is too confronting. Oh yes, they’ll yell from the rooftops once the crisis is underway. But they’ll let you all get creamed first. The United States Federal Register. The irrational speculative mania currently underway in Europe. How America protected the Nazis but is currently throwing its own citizens under the bus. The perils of Australian government debt: stay away! The madness of “negative equity”. Where are all the ideal contenders for the presidency in your country? Is Hillary Clinton really the best you can do? Obamacare enrollment appears to have peaked.


Comparing The Downfall Of Rome And The U.S.A. – 04.17.15

April 16, 2015

Success breeds failure. While that may not be true on an individual level, success certainly encourages complacency in a group context. Plenty of examples here from Roman times which you will recognize as reflected in their equivalent found with today’s America. Although I do not get into politics on my show, I am very fearful that Hillary Clinton, if elected, will quickly come to be the dreaded dictator that all weakened economies finally succumb to and that I have warned about so often here on the show. She is imperious, arrogant, self-absorbed, intolerant, corrupt… The only question in my mind about Clinton is whether the general public will see through her in time, despite the fawning media.  A word from Karl Denninger. The dire situation in Greece. A Greek documentary film maker tells the story. Taking facts and ascribing the wrong conclusions by means of an example. The terrible revisionist history that turned Lincoln, a common, opportunist, lying sleaze, into an enduring national hero. Social spending in the United States compared with that of other countries and how the money simply disappears in the U.S.


What Happens When Debt Never Gets Paid Off – 04.13.15

April 12, 2015

The system doesn’t really ”function”. It just refuses to die. QE is a program only ever used as evidence of government insolvency. We have simply been marking time for fifteen years and, crucially for the last six. We are in the place of a stage 4 cancer victim who is holding out on life support systems. Yes, it really is as serious as that. China’s monetary ascendance is in full swing. The consequences of America’s ongoing refusal to deal with its debt situation. The fiscal debt gap was $60 trillion in 2003, a horror story in its own right. Today that figure stands at $210 trillion. The country is headed into a fiscal black hole. The surreal aspect of institutionalized failure inherent in all America’s war efforts. We examine why this is. Bernanke’s new blog cherry picks the ‘comments’ and ‘questions’ which are allowed. Others are just deleted! The drought in California. A British couple wins £1 million – twice, beating odds of 283 billion-to-one. I wonder how that stacks up with Warren Buffett’s success rate.


Habits! – 04.10.15

April 9, 2015

Much of our lives is constrained by bad habits and the unthinking actions we take that go with them. Current research focuses on how to adopt good habits easily (you’ll be surprised) and the absurdity of the reasoning that goes behind so many of our habits. This is useful in many ways: sticking to a budget, breaking eating habits, flossing, living in America when you could be a lot better off elsewhere… More lies about unemployment statistics. Disability fraud. Once people go on disability, they almost never come off… Disgruntled employees. The AIIB new monetary system led by the Chinese. Lots of countries are joining. GDP forecasts (a total waste of time). Not counting workers 55 or older, working-age Americans have 1.5 million fewer jobs than 15 years ago.


How Government Sabotages The System Through Debt – 04.06.15

April 5, 2015

Governments are easily able to conceal the reality of the economic situation by dickering with the various areas of debt creation and expenditure. It is pathetically easy to distort GDP, for example, rendering the figures useless. The US government deliberately spins confusion and chaos to disguise the enormity of its obscene failures.  They don’t even define correctly or even coherently what constitutes “national debt”. Obfuscation is what counts with these people. The AIIB, China’s new anti-dollar alliance. More and more countries are signing up to distance themselves from the United States’s version since 1946. The U.S. government tries to make “debt” seem like “assets”. The government is still ‘hoping’ that (non-existent) upward wage pressure will drive up earned income. Even the so-called ‘lending boom’ is a sham. An article from Jim Kunstler. The U.S. is the only advanced economy not to provide mandated vacations for its citizens. Warning: Puerto Rico bankruptcy a virtual certainty. Don’t leave (triple-tax-free) money there. A lesson in Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore for Malaysians (and the rest of us).


Profound Significance Of The Baltic Dry Shipping Index – 04.03.15

April 2, 2015

The BDI is an international index of shipping rates comprising information from all over the world. Therefore it is an index that cannot be manipulated or falsified by any one national government. This renders it particularly useful and reliable as a yardstick for the global economy. Listen to Bill Still introducing a discussion in the British parliament on the merits of the fiat currency currently in use. The first such discussion for 170 years. Ben Bernanke: the world’s most powerful central banker turned humble blogger. More drivel from him, I’m afraid. Why health insurance premiums must rise inexorably. The sham ‘recovery’ and young people. The future fate of truck drivers.